Nightly update #7

  • New map rota in cod5 (done by needled)
  • Big update of the memberlist
  • Fixed forum Bug –
  • Fixed CoDMW2 forum banner
  • Fixed Links

My todo list has shrinked a bit, but still alot to do.

New Server

Our sponsor wanted to save some money. Our old expensive DS7000 server got to expensive for it value. It is an dualcore 3Ghz with 6 GB ram. The new server will be an EQ6 :

Intel® Core™ i7-920 Quadcore
incl. Hyper-Threading Technology

RAM      12 GB DDR3 RAM
HD          2 x 1500 GB SATA-II HDD

This will give us some extra room. The server will arive aprox in march.

Thunder’s Spot

Hello all,

This is my spot. Everything that i like, find important i’ll post here. The blogs will be mainly about the justforfun community or the addon but also can be real life stuff. (I do this for not spamming on the jff forum.)

So who am i ?

For private reasons i dont post my real name here. Everyone knows me as =[JFF]=Thunder. I’m 1 of the founders of the justforfun community. I mainly work daily for it and i like it. I am 20 years old (or young), male, hard working guy. I got blue eyes, brown hair…

What do i like ?

I like to code. If i dont know what to do i’m busy doing that. I started with PHP/MYSQL (prox doing it now for 5 years). Also i started previous year with The latest time i’m mainly bussy with c# and REALbasic for creating an new addon client.

Also i like to manage linux servers (yeah i’m a windows hater) the jff servers & WS servers are fully managed by me.

I guess this is enough for my first blog post. Remember this : Your never to old to learn something new!