long time no post!

I’m still alive. Just been busy with other stuff then writing here.

At justforfun i have been writing mainly on the admin cp. The new voting thing for members. Also i’m thinking about making the admin cp opensource so other community’s can use it. Also the jff-addon has been in development :).

Getting a new pc. Its now official i’m getting a new pc. More details will be posted when i have the new pc :).

The old pc is gonna be used as a test webserver & backup. Also the repo’s of the jff-addon and other will be hosted on this one and not on the root of justforfun. (This way i can better acces it at home and close it from the interwebs when its not needed.)

When the new pc is fully installed i’m gonna extend my java knowledge. Creating a more stable addon for linux & Mac & Windows. Better authenticating with server. Someone can learn me how to create certificates ssl connections ? So your ip gets sended securly to the master server.

Hoping this weekend to create the server restart buttons on the admin cp. This will be alot easyer for the admins on jff.

Ow yeah before i forget. Kate Mcgill has released her debut album :


Kate Mcgill