Clouds , community’s grouping together, protect yourself and your allies against ddos

For me the meaning of cloud hosting is sharing the load over differnt servers , seeing that your app is never offline.

For gaming community’s this is kinda a big and expensive. Since they are not company , make no earnings out of it and mainly are just for fun. Grouping up together would be a solution but a perfect protection. Sharing the load between multiple community’s their servers can a big help in this way. This way the more allies you have the better you are protected against ddos attacks. The back side is you need to share your files on “strange” servers.

In fact 4 community can handle a ddos of 400mbit if each server has a network cart of 100mbit.

New pc.

Yes , finaly have bought a new pc =)

The configuration :

Intel Core i5 2500
2x 4 GB Ram
AMD Radeon HD6850 1GB

On this pc windows 7 64bit will be installed. And i’m thinking of making a virtual one or using my old pc as repo server. Instead of using the dedi server. This way i can secure my repo to my local network only. Or share it via the net when i want it !

For the rest i still gotta see.

Ecslipse , Adobe pack , Office will be installed for sure.