Supporting games you like.

Buying games because you like is like donating to the developer of the game. Encouraging him to make more. What most people doesn’t seem to understand. Big company’s complaining about losses etc. If i couldn’t get it cracked i would never have bought it. So are you actualy making a loss ? With minecraft i played it a while cracked before i bought it.

I like minecraft alot. The game is alot of fun to play and actualy one of the first games i bought with my own money. Now supporting minecraft goes even further. i’m supporting the modding community a little bit by providing them a server where they can build their projects.

This is hosted on idefix. And i do it just because i like the modding community!

Long time no post ….

Life is busy you know. The new jff server , a new VPS, work that asks alot attention, friends and could go on.

So jff has a new beast called “obelix”. He is running all gameservers and at the moment most for our webpages.

specs :

Intel® Core™ i7-2600 Quadcore
incl. Hyper-Threading Technology
  • Hard disks2 x 3 TB SATA 6 Gb/s HDD
    7200 rpm (Software-RAID 1)
  • NIC1 GBit OnBoard
    connected at 100 MBit
  • Backup Space100 GB
  • TrafficUnlimited*
Now we also got a second server a VPS but going to move it soon to a dedi box since VPS just sucks. It is using so much hd traffic your site is loading slow etc. At this post i’m announcing the new server we are getting called “Idefix” , or idefix II since the vps we got now sucks ass.
specs :

AMD Athlon 64 3700+
  • RAM1024 MB DDR400 RAM
  • Hard disks2x 160 GB SATA HDD
    (Software-RAID 1)
  • NIC100 MBit
  • TrafficUnlimited*
Not the best server in the world but fine enough to run our webpages so obelix can run only the gameserver stuff. Obelix has a uptime of 65 days. Which is cool serving the community a nice steady server without to much hassle. So why running 2 servers and not everything on 1. When obelix fails we got idefix to fall back on. For the most important stuff , site to announce stuff , mails keep recieving and so on. And backwards to. So jff will be online for you as much as possible.
Also i have been coding alot to the addon. Gianni mainly helping me with optimizing the database. This was getting a big issue but we reduced it so much the mysql server is barely using any cpu and the addon is recording more stats then ever before. Now its getting time to output those stats on a site which will be coming soon.
I’m getting to understand more and more complex php coding and this is starting to run out greatly. I’m not the best coder of the world but hey i’m human. We have code a awesome control panel, stats page and an unique addon that nobody else has. (though lots are trying to copy cat it :()
Since my provider is blocking the piratebay 🙁 I’m going to setup a vpn connection with the server. And also care for an secured internal connection to the both servers. Making ssh only avaible on those connection would secure the server a bit more hopefully.
Mayby on a later base a second subnet for the members so they can have a static ip to the server for addon related stuff. And for other stuff ? Like filesharing.
And now its time to sleep, thundah out.