Huge mysql improvement

At JustForFun our mysql server was handling the limits of the hard disk. Whilst investigating this mysql uses 2 innodb log files to write and read from very intensive. Putting them on our ramdisk reduces the load of our hard disk with 90%. The server now can handle A LOT MORE 🙂

I love tweaking !


Trying out C/C++ , for mayby a future use of the jff-addon. Hopefully i can extend my knowledge of this langauge so i can code JustForFun Addon 2.0.0 in it. This would be a big improvement on the server infrastructure and resources.

Jenskins as compiler / deployer for new coding. In the future i’m going to try to use jenkins to compile / deploy new coding so now more manualy compiling or uploading is required. This would be cool for me and speed up some things.

I got ubuntu installed on my computer , should actualy start using it. Reminder for me 😛