So much done in so little time


I have been working at the addon client this vacation. The results are nice, it got a chat, minecraft patcher and so many more. I’m loving it.

Some of the changelog :

2.0.0 Alpha 11
*Fixed sounds (around 1 mb to download please keep in mind)
*Reworked Banrequest
+Added !report from ingame (i think you will notice it)
+Added Sound setting

2.0.0 Alpha 11a

*Fixed issue with sqlite database not updating proporly (hotfix)

2.0.0 Alpha 12

*Reworked ban request (added a extra check window)
*Reworked online status of addon users
*Optimized packets of finger log
*Optimized packets of ban request
+Added reportlog (when people used !report ingame)
+Added Your status
+Added Finger log limit
+Added Chat
+Addon tries now to restart the client when lost connection
+Added icon to the windows

2.0.0 Alpha 13

+Added minecraft patch tool

2.0.0 Alpha 14

*Fixed close addon when closing minecracft pather
*Fixed chat automatic scrolling down
*Fixed chat automatic splitting into next line
+Added forum avatar to chat
+Added rank to online list
+Added last message to chat
+Added partialy recieve check (chat)

Tommorow is another big day. I will be updating the stats page of justforfun. ( I probaly will be livestreaming this.

I hope you come and watch to. And for designers grep your opportunitie 🙂