Call of Duty 5 – Crash Fix

CoD 5 : WaW linux server crash Demonware Fix
I probaly found a fix to solve the cod5 server crashes.
The reason that the server crashes is that the logfiles are getting spammed with demonware stuff.
Here is an example :
Sep 28 21:30:55 colo262 bdLog[9387]: ../DemonWare/bdCore/bdContainers/bdBitBuffer.cpp(526):#012ERROR: Expected: UInt32 , read: NoType
Sep 28 21:31:41 colo262 bdLog[27038]: ../DemonWare/bdCore/bdContainers/bdBitBuffer.cpp(526):#012ERROR: Expected: UInt32 , read: NoType
Sep 28 21:32:59 colo262 bdLog[15643]: ../DemonWare/bdCore/bdContainers/bdBitBuffer.cpp(526):#012ERROR:
Now what i used to fix it:
Step 1
[code]apt-get install rsyslog[/code]
Step 2
[code] nano /etc/rsyslog.conf [/code]
# First some standard logfiles.  Log by facility.
Add this rule above:
:programname,isequal,”bdLog” ~[/code]
step 3
[code] /etc/init.d/rsyslog restart[/code]
Got this from google cache the old forum didn’t existed anymore. I hope it will help alot of people if they google it 🙂

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